NU-Q – Fall 2010

Petrus Bezuidenhout


Sidra & Benazir – Smoking in Qatar
Sheikha, Mouza, Muneera – The Triangle
Ismaeel & Pieter – Doha tattoos
Zeena, Latifa, Fatma – Al-MuQanna
Noora & Fatma – Qatar Fashion
Caitlin & Salima – Special Needs in Qatar
Sara & Elicia – Smoking Among Muslim Women


Pieter Bezuidenhout, Week 15

An interesting wall setting at a renowned Indian restaurant in Doha.

Pieter Bezuidenhout, Week 14

A colorful light display at one of the numerous forts in Doha, Qatar. This structure is located on the popular Souq Waqif grounds.

Pieter Bezuidenhout, Week 13

A Boeing 777-300 on final approach for the Doha International Airport.

Pieter Bezuidenhout, Week 12

Cupcakes, capable of turning a frown upside-down!

Pieter Bezuidenhout, Week 11

An enjoyable evening at Souq Waqif with visitors strolling the markets' cobble-stone streets.

Softball Time-laps