NU-Q – Fall 2010

Ismaeel Naar


Sidra & Benazir – Smoking in Qatar
Sheikha, Mouza, Muneera – The Triangle
Ismaeel & Pieter – Doha tattoos
Zeena, Latifa, Fatma – Al-MuQanna
Noora & Fatma – Qatar Fashion
Caitlin & Salima – Special Needs in Qatar
Sara & Elicia – Smoking Among Muslim Women



Students at QF pose under one of QF's "Think" campaign.


Doha citizens enjoying the city's skyline near the intercon beach


Ismaeel Week 13

NU-Q's assistant coach, Anne 'Slicepassion' Peterson, and NU-Q's lady wildcats' coach Dana Atrach, watch on as NU-Q defeated Texas A&M in a friendly game this Wednesday.

Ismaeel Weekly Photo 12

A campfire set up in Bahrain just in time for the winter season.

Ismaeel Naar – Video 2 (Tying Shoes)

A short clip of what Al Gharafa’s, and NU-Q’s own, basketball player, Yousif Khalil, does before he takes on the bball courts.

A Halloween decoration during the Residence Hall Council's event called "November Nightmare."