NU-Q – Fall 2010

Caitlin Sewell


Sidra & Benazir – Smoking in Qatar
Sheikha, Mouza, Muneera – The Triangle
Ismaeel & Pieter – Doha tattoos
Zeena, Latifa, Fatma – Al-MuQanna
Noora & Fatma – Qatar Fashion
Caitlin & Salima – Special Needs in Qatar
Sara & Elicia – Smoking Among Muslim Women


Caitlin Sewell Week 15

A man going home in a bus with a super cool orange turban.

Caitlin Sewell Week 14

Strange bird houses in Katara (The Cultural Village) are home to white doves

Caitlin Sewell Week 13

Spectators at the Red Bull sponsored wake-boarding event at The Pearl.

Caitlin Sewell Week 12

wisdom - New laws in Qatar are forcing many older expatriates to leave the country in search of jobs.

Caitlin Sewell Video 2: Doha Nights

Caitlin Sewell Week 11

The completed sports hall in the new Education City Student Center.